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Associate Professor

I am an associate professor in the unit Developmental and Educational Psychology at Leiden University.

I am broadly interested in how adolescent learning and decision making is related to brain development and shaped by social contexts. These interest translate in my studies on how learning opportunities emerge in social environments, such as school classes, and how adolescent risk- and reward sensitivity is shaped by others, such as the presence of peers. With my work I aim to contribute to adolescent’s healthy development and academic resilience.

In my research I make use of behavioral experiments, daily assessments, computational modeling, functional neuroimaging and longitudinal designs.

I received my PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 2013, after visiting Columbia University and the Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology in New York. My PhD work focused on learning from positive and negative feedback signals and risk taking in adolescents. I did my post-doctoral fellowship at Leiden University. In 2020 I co-founded CHANGE Leiden: A Leiden University based research platform of researchers who aim to understand the changing minds and brains of children and adolescents with a focus on healthy development, psychopathology, and the impact of adversity in social contexts.

In my work, I collaborate in several consortia with researchers and societal partners including Neurolab NLGrowing Up Together in Society, and the interdisciplinary program Social Resilience and Security of Leiden University.

I am committed to transfer skills, knowledge and a passion for scientific research. Therefore, I actively participate in the Research Master Psychology at Leiden University. I am also a member of the Young Academy Leiden: A platform that stimulates and promotes the interests of young researchers regarding research and education policy, interdisciplinarity, and outreach. In 2020 I received the Heineken Young Scientist Award in the Social Sciences.

Photo by Milette Raats

Tijdens de eerste lezing op maandagavond 06/02 staat de wetenschap achter risicogedrag van pubers centraal

Ontwikkelingspsycholoog @a_duijvenvoorde en Bioloog Christian Tudorache vertellen over het puberbrein en wat zebravisjes hier mee te maken hebben

“Twijfel is geen prettige toestand, maar zekerheid is absurd.” (Voltaire, 1770)

Kom naar onze vier #studiumgenerale lezingen waarin we een interdisciplinaire blik werpen op omgaan met onzekerheid

Met o.a. @a_duijvenvoorde, @jansleutels & Jelle van Buuren

@SGLeiden @UniLeiden

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